Wireless Communication and Information Processing Research Lab (WiCIP) was founded in 2004 at the University of Windsor to conduct research in the fields of wireless communication systems, wireless networks, vehicular networks, and wireless sensor networks; and to train students at undergraduate and graduate levels to be productive in industry and academia. In 2011, WiCIP was moved to a new facility at the Ed Lumley Center for Engineering Innovation. WiCIP’s research activities are funded by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Canadian Foundation of Innovation (CFI), Federal Development Fund (FedDev), and Communication Research Centre of Canada (CRC).

WiCIP focuses on designing reliable, energy efficient, and real-time medium access control (MAC) and routing protocols for vehicular networks for safety and emergency applications and wireless sensor networks. These protocols will enable wireless communications to penetrate in new applications such as in smart grids, active safety and collision avoidance systems in vehicles, control and monitoring in manufacturing and automation, data acquisition and collection from industrial processes, Internet of Things (IoT), machine to machine (M2M) communications, and e-health.

WiCIP always welcomes joint research opportunities from industry, and WiCIP’s  more than 30 Alumni are actively practicing engineering around the world.